Zen Trout Fish Flops


This soothing yet provocative design is for people that like fish well enough, but really just like pretty stuff with a theme. Enter the zen-like, Japanese garden-esque Zen Trout. These calm and relaxing Fish-Flops will send waves of calm and inner peace up through the soles of your feet balancing your yin with your yang and energizing your shockra. Who knew flip-flops could provide enlightenment?! Only in America.

S (women’s size 7-8 men’s size 6-7)|M ( women’s size 8-10, men’s size 8-9)| L (women’s size 10-11, men’s size 9-10)

***I would say they run a little bigger than listed, my husband wears a men’s 12 and he can just wear the Large. I wear a 9.5 and can just wear the M.

Be sure and check out the matching gaiters and Flop & Gaiter Combos!!!

100% designed and printed in Montana!