NEW!!! Land of the Free


This herd of galloping horses had just finished riding in a 4th of July parade, here in Montana! They were actually painted by the enthusiastic wranglers with special horse paint that washes off! I was ready for them in the pasture when they turned them out. This was the second frame as the rounded the corner! The flag border is part of the piece and it is entitled “Land of the Free”. You can order any size in the drop down list, but we recommend the longer thinner sizes like 16×24, 20×30 or 24×36. Larger sizes available, just send me a mail via the contacts form and I’ll get you a quote from the pro photo lab.

Image is in vintage color with a border for a finished look. Comes with mounting hardware, ready to hang. Gloss finish. *watermark is only on the website.

Printed on aluminum for a color rich and archival print. Read our FAQ on Aluminum prints! Photographs on Aluminum