Brown Trout Fish Flops


Like your Fish-Flops a little more understated? I get it. You’re a person of dignity and gravitas. Well, the brown trout Fish-Flop is for you. Not prone to flying out of the water in spastic fits, the dignified brown trout says to the world “You may have hooked me, but I’m not coming out of the water until I’m good and ready”. Appropriate for any occasion from the metropolitan opera to a dorm kegger, the Brown Trout Fish-Flop is the right choice for any discerning Flip-Flop aficionado.

S (women’s size 7-8 men’s size 6-7)|M ( women’s size 8-10, men’s size 8-9)| L (women’s size 10-11, men’s size 9-10)

***I would say they run a little bigger than listed, my husband wears a men’s 12 and he can just wear the Large. I wear a 9.5 and can just wear the M.

Be sure and check out the matching gaiters and Flop & Gaiter Combos!!!

100% Designed & Printed in Montana