A busy Spring…

This Spring we spent a few days camping in Yellowstone and a few days up in Teton park to hopefully get some new bears and landscapes. We got both plus more!!!

Check out the new work, “Grizzly Cub Trio” and “Chocolate Wolf”. These were brutal, self deprivation days of shooting, stumbling out of our camper, sleep deprived, no breakfast, heading out before first light. Days in a row of this routine were tough, but it paid off with the cub sighting and the chocolate wolf.

Also a young moose walking through the water reflection of Grand Teton Mountains… I have not had time to process that image yet, along with many new HDR landscapes from this Spring!


For the fourth, I finished two images in a patriotic style, “Bison Patriot” with last years bull bison image during the rut, the bison is covered in dirt, with the American flag overlayed! The other called “Land of the Free”, with running horses who were actually painted in fourth of July decor! These were popular at the 4th of July art show we did in Cody, WY. https://www.troutwaterdesigns.com/product/new-bison-patriot/

All and all, a very busy and successful Spring for photography. Many of the images will not be processed till late fall, after the fall shooting season!!! Often times its a year from the day an image is recorded, until it gets finished and on the website or printed. I moved the new cubs and wolf to the top of the que! More to come later in the year!

So enjoy and check them out! Cheers for now! ~River~

~ https://www.troutwaterdesigns.com/product/new-land-of-the-free/

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